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Advanced Threats Reverse Engineering

The workshop is devoted to analysis of malware created using object oriented programming languages. In recent time we see a large spike of complex threats with elaborate object-oriented architecture among which the most notorious examples are: Stuxnet, Flamer, Duqu. The approaches to analysis of such malware are rather distinct compared to the malware developed using procedural programming languages. The authors will consider the examples written in C++ and compiled with MS Visual C++.

In the workshop the authors will share with participants experience of reverse engineering object-oriented code which they’ve accumulated over the recent years while performing analysis of complex threats.


Participant will receive:


a laptop with preinstalled IDA Pro and Hex-Rays Decompiler


Part 1: Introduction to advanced static analysis
- Reversing object-oriented programs
- Practical type reconstruction with IDA Pro and HexRays Decompiler

Part 2: Automating C++ code reverse engineering
- Useful plugins and tools
- IDA Python automation
- Introduction to Hex-Rays Decompiler SDK
- Methodology of object type reconstruction with HexRaysCodeXplorer

Part 3: Going deeper with complex threats
- Position-independent code analysis in Gapz
- The hell of code with Stuxnet and Flame

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